I strongly support Martin Field’s piece about public sector protests

I AM writing to express my strong support for the piece written by Martin Field in this week’s edition.

I find it astounding that the public seem to have accepted the situation where ordinary people, especially public servants, are being expected to pay off the gambling debts accrued by the banks.

The government has set public service workers and those in the private sector against each other with the help of half-truths and downright lies peddled by Tory apologists like The Taxpayers Alliance.

My late wife taught for some years and I can assure you her pension, which rose just before she died to the princely sum of about �300 per month, was in no way “gold plated”.

Instead of spending fortunes on think-tanks to come up with new ways of demonising the poor, why not spend it on collecting outstanding taxes and scrapping white elephants like the replacement for Trident?

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