I suggest Cllr Alan Lay spends time in a foreign country to see how long he lasts without a translation service

Councillor Alan Lay’s idea that scrapping translation services would encourage non-English nationals to learn our language takes no account of the fact that we are a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society.

Italy has tried to ban the use of foreign language in its streets. This was soon abandoned, either because it proved unworkable or by EU legislation.

Having roots in Latin, Greek and Germanic languages, English is a very difficult language to learn; even some native speakers struggle with various aspects of the language. For example, when to use should or would, the difference between there and their. I saw many other examples in my teaching career.

The English, themselves, are very lazy when it comes to learning a foreign language. Many tourists think that they can get by abroad by speaking ridiculously slowly or even worse, shouting.

I suggest deporting Mr Lay to Greece (where even the alphabet is different) and see how long he lasts without help.

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