I support campaign to reduce speed limit along Wimblington Road, March

I write in support of the campaign for the 30mph speed limit for Wimblington Road, March.

When I moved from Hertfordshire to Doddington in 2006, I was surprised to see the 40mph section in what is clearly a residential part of town and starting in such close proximity to Neale-Wade Academy.

I agree that the 30mph limit should be extended to the end of the present 40mph limit.

Having done that, why is the “open” section to Mill Hill roundabout subject to a limit of 60mph? It is very busy and has witnessed some serious high-speed collisions.

I believe this is a hangover from the days when it was indeed a country lane between March and Wimblington prior to the bypass.

You may also want to watch:

A more appropriate limit now in my opinion would be 50mph. That would not make any significant difference to the travel time for that short distance, but would make it safer.

Might I also suggest the adoption of the American practice of making a safer 20 mph limit in the immediate area to ALL schools?

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