I used to hide in the kitchen and sneakily snack, said Tanya, who launches a slimming group in Whittlesey

Tanya Hill

Tanya Hill - Credit: Archant

A Whittlesey mum who used to hide in the kitchen snacking has lost a stone and half in less than four months which has inspired her to help others.

Tanya Hill

Tanya Hill - Credit: Archant

Tanya Hill says her life had become one big snack attack and found herself being sneaky around her family because when she went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea, she would find herself eating biscuits, cakes and anything else she could find.

After kidding herself that her snack attacks were normal, her weight was just creeping up, and she resigned herself to the belief that she was destined to be overweight forever.

The 35 year old said: “I had always struggled with my weight but one day I decided enough was enough, the weight loss has been so encouraging.

“I’m still only half way through my weight loss journey but am so inspired I wanted to help others,” she said.

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Feeling scared and embarrassed when out clothes shopping, Tanya dreaded comments and thoughts from others, and did not like what she saw in the mirror.

She said that like a lot of people, she had attended lots of different slimming groups, and always struggled to lose or even maintain her weight.

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She then joined Slimming World.

“Feeling very nervous as I made the first step into the room, I knew there was no turning back.”

She lost 5.5lbs in her first week, Tanya realised how simple and easy the plan was and all she needed to do was eat.

She started eating healthier, and more food, and was never hungry.

“The plan truly has changed the way I think about food choices,” she said.

“As well as feeling fitter in myself, my health is improving and I have the energy to carry on enjoying life after eating a meal, instead of wanting a nap.”

Tanya begins her own Slimming World classes on from Tuesday June 21 at Childers Station Road, Whittlesey, at 5.30 and 7.30pm.

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