‘I was in a punk band when I was 12’ - Luke Green, 18, discusses drumming with The Stranglers, what it’s like to be in two rock bands and going ‘absolutely mental’ onstage

Luke Green with The Stranglers

Luke Green with The Stranglers - Credit: Archant

Luke Green is living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. A drummer for two bands, Damaged – a punk/hardcore five-piece who have received booking interest from the USA and have fans as far as Greece and Indonesia – and glam-rock quartet Crimson Tale, the Chatteris and March lad was also invited to drum with “my heroes” The Stranglers last month. The 18-year-old who’s just finished his A-Levels really is having the time of his life; Ben Jolley speaks to him...

What was it like to drum with such a massive band like The Stranglers?

“I absolutely loved it. I got to meet and talk to my heroes. I got a text off the bass player asking me to play with them because their drummer Jet Black was ill. Liking my punk music, as a kid I used to listen to them loads. I didn’t have band practice before the show though, I just turned up. But that went awesome. It was incredible, insane.”

How did you get into drumming?

“My mum and my dad always liked The Jam, so I was always listening to music from that era. But it was at a housewarming party that I joined my first band, Damaged. Tt was my mum and step-dad’s friend’s party and I didn’t really want to go because I didn’t know anyone there – only one girl. But I decided to go and the girl introduced me to two lads, Luc Sweetman (guitarist/vocalist) and Dan Tait (bass guitarist/backing vocalist). They wanted to start a band and my friend said ‘oh Luke, don’t you play drums?’ …

“I was 12 when I joined Damaged. My parents let me have band practice every Thursday in my bedroom for three years. They couldn’t have been more supportive.”

What happens to you when you perform onstage?

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“I zone out and go absolutely mental!”

What have you got coming up over the summer?

“I’m in two bands. With Damaged, we’ve been invited to play Rebellion festival in Blackpool this year and to go to all the after parties. We’ve also had interest to play gigs in America and LA, and strangely enough we’ve got a big following in Indonesia and Greece. Why them two I don’t know but fair enough!

“Damaged play this evening at The Met Lounge in Peterborough, and tomorrow Crimson Tale are playing Spalding. Then we have gigs every weekend this month and in September Crimson Tale are doing a UK tour.

What’s been your career highlights?

“When I went to Camden with my family, I got 22 pictures taken just with these random tourists because I wore my tartan trousers and had my Doc Martens on. That was really cool!

Where do you see yourself in a year’s time?

“As long as I’m drumming, I don’t care what I’m doing! As long as I’m making a living off of drumming – and still living – then I’ll be well happy. If anyone needs a drummer then I’m there!”

Damaged play The Met Lounge, Peterborough tonight. Doors 8pm, tickets £5 on the door.