I will help Rob all I can to make sure these dogs find loving new homes

I would just like to make a statement about Rob Phipps and his dogs.

I visited the warehouse quite a lot to buy food and to donate money to help feed the dogs etc.

I have also collected blankets and towels for the dogs and have not found the dogs vicious as I have stroked many of them. All they want is teaching, which Rob does with them, and love, which a lot of us give to them.

They are well cared for, had food and water and warm bedding, they are well looked after.

A lot of people volunteer to do the walking of these dogs and we bring our own dogs with us. We even have our own poo bags and bring back the mess to put it in the bin.

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I think it is appalling that the RSPCA should take these dogs away, I cannot believe it. If they were in poor condition and being ill treated I would understand, but they are not.

I for one will help Rob all I can to get them back to where they belong and to help Rob find loving homes for them.

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These dogs are traumatised enough without being herded around different places.


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