Idea of improving transport links between Wisbech and March shouldn’t be overlooked

I DON’T think the idea of improving transport links between Wisbech and March should be overlooked.

It’s just the idea of running a train service is ludicrous. Trains are expensive, tracks are expensive, stations are expensive.

So my idea is simple, create a shuttle bus service that can run from Wisbech to March where the tracks are for the Bramley Line.

This would cost a fraction of the price, the buses can run on batteries or gas and be environmentally friendly and the trackroad can be made of old tyres.

It would save time too. The service could run from the Horsefair in Wisbech to March Station in a fraction of the time the current services run if it has a dedicated trackroad.

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There would also be less interruption on the A47 where it would cross, as it would be a crossroads instead of a level crossing.

Regrettably, if we went down the train route we would all need to subsidise the thing as it wouldn’t make enough money to pay for itself. My bus service idea would fund itself after its initial investment.

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Also, where do they expect to put the station in Wisbech? The Horsefair is perfect for the bus service because it’s used for that now.


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