If it is not broken, why spend money moving Upwell post office?

My views on the proposed move of Upwell post office:

• Security risks – the possibility of a post office counter with a high amount of cash.

• Open plan counter for the Post Office by the door will leave elderly people very vulnerable.

• Parking – there is no safe parking, the river on one side and business premises further down.

• Access through the shop floor is not wide enough for wheelchairs or buggies.

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At the current site, security is good (staff are behind a screen), access is good all around the shop and parking is good on both sides of Town Street.

If anyone wants to use a post office late at night – Outwell is open and not busy.

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As Elizabeth Truss stated – if it is not broken why spend money? If the staff are happy with the present situation what is the problem?


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