Incensed at Fenland Council’s decision to change leisure centres’ names to new Vision Fitness

We should preserve the history of Wisbech, especially the splendid Georgian Brinks, the Crescent and the Castle area and of course memories of those who have contributed so generously to the town and continue to do so.

I am incensed that it has been decided to change the name of the Hudson Leisure Centre. If it was necessary to change for reasons unbeknown to the majority then surely his name could have been retained e.g. ‘Hudson Vision’.

Would the authorities change the name of the Thomas Clarkson Memorial or The Octavia Hill Birthplace House? I sincerely hope not.

Guess Peckover House may not be safe - another generous benefactor who did so much for the town.

I never fail to cast my vote at elections - I do have an allegiance to a political party in general elections but my vote at local elections is also influenced by my assessment of the candidates and who I believe may be best able to represent the interests of the local area.

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If there are any such councillors in office then please, please do all you can to reverse this decision.

My husband is chairman of our parish council so I know only too well that as councillors you can never please everyone.

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But in this matter there are a lot of unhappy people who are not going to go away quietly - Fenland District Council needs to listen to the electorate.


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An epidemic has struck the region... renaming public facilities/services.

Having been shocked and disappointed of the name change from Edith Cavell to Peterborough City Hospital, I now read of the name changes to the Hudson leisure Centre, George Campbell Leisure Centre and Manor Leisure Centre.

Why? Is it so easy to dump the good name of a real person? I bet a month’s pay the council would not change the names if they were named after a member of the Royal Family.

New Vision Fitness, with due respect, is so benign as a name the council may as well change the name to ‘Leisure Centre’ and left it at that.

I am concerned with the ease in dumping the names of respected people who have served the community and repaid in what I regard as the ultimate reward of naming a street or public facility in their honour. I do not consider it the business of councillors to act in such a disgraceful manner.

You councillors rebuke tradition - you rebuke integrity - you rebuke honour - your arrogance is astounding.

I ask people to sign the petitions - write to the council - stop this crass arrogance and stupidity.


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