Inconsiderate Parking Deserves Ticket

I HAVE just read the story about Mrs Bennett’s parking ticket and must say I think it’s a great idea.

Parking such as Mrs Bennett’s is often inconsiderately done so that drivers close by have difficulty entering or leaving their vehicles or even being able to use adjacent spaces or indeed as reported in this case reduces manoeuvring space for other drivers. (And gives women drivers a bad name!)

This car was abandoned not parked - were the big white lines not big enough to be seen?

As for Mrs Bennett reporting that she was only at her place of business for 10 minutes and that she has a mobility issues, I fail to see the relevance.

If she is passed as fit to drive a car then all laws apply to her and the length of time she was parked so blatantly incorrectly is irrelevant.

If Mrs Bennett sees this all as “pathetic” then maybe it’s because she’s not looking at it from the perspective of other frustrated motorists who are more conscientious and considerate when parking, and if this is her idea of appropriate public parking then I hope not to come across her when she’s driving!


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