Independent candidate for Mayor Peter Dawe unveils £10 million factory plan to build modular homes in Fenland to help solve housing crisis

Entrepreneur Peter Dawe, the independent candidate battling become mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, believes Fenland is the ideal base for a £10 million factory producing modular homes.

He said the area was the perfect location to build thousands of homes needed for Cambridgeshire and the rest of East Anglia.

“I am putting together a team and a proposal that brings the factory near to realisation,” he said.

He said he was applying both his “vision and entrepreneurial powers” to the task and his team was already working with a well known local company in the building sector.

He said: “We have identified a suitable potential site for the factory and have in-principle agreement with the land-owner

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“We are also assembling an experienced core management team who will project manage the business and drive it forward.”

Mr Dawe said a memorandum of understanding had been reached with developers to site the first year’s production of homes on land that already has outline planning permission.

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A technical director had been identified and funding was now being sought to move the project on.

Mr Dawe said: “North Fenland has a number of advantages for this factory. It has a large available workforce, is strategically located between property hot-spots of Peterborough, Norwich and Cambridge and has access to the A1, A47 A10 and A14 to reach East Midlands and London markets.”

It also enjoyed access to Wash Ports for import of timber and other materials and for exporting homes around North Sea countries and counties.

“The proposed Wisbech Garden Village can provide the factory with a ‘shop window’” he said.

Mr Dawe said: “The rapid deployment of new homes could make a serious impact of the housing shortage

“Our business development partners have been brilliant. They have found the team, the factory site, the development sites and even our preferred technology. In just three months they have taken an idea and created on opportunity that is close to realisation.

“This project demonstrates entrepreneurship, innovation and teamwork can deliver rapid benefits when harnessed by vision and leadership. Imagine what could be achieved when the power and resources of the mayor are added!”

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