Informative literature should be printed in English only to save money and induce integration

This country is “broke” we are told, and that we must all tighten our belts.

So with that in mind, Councillor Paul Clapp and I approached Cambridgeshire County Council’s legal department with a proposition that, from as soon as possible, all informative or instructional literature should be printed in English only.

To our logic, this will induce more integration. Anyone who lives here would have more of an incentive to learn to speak our native language.

The answer we received was that there is a statute that information should be made available in the language that the person asks for it.

We believe that this is wrong. When we enquired as to changing the statute we were told that it can only be altered by application to the EU.

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This government must realise that by stopping foreign aid and daily contributions to the EU of more than £50million per day, we would no longer be in an austerity situation.

Do the maths: multiply £50million by 365 and you get a staggering sum of money, all of which could fund new industries, employ many more police officers and build hospitals etc.

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