Doddington Court is praised by inspectors for ‘competent, knowledgeable and skilled’ care

Doddington Court ranked as 'good' by care inspectors in latest CQC report. Picture: ED MAYNARD.

Doddington Court ranked as 'good' by care inspectors in latest CQC report. Picture: ED MAYNARD. - Credit: Ed Maynard

A retirement living community in Doddington has been praised for giving residents a good quality of life by providing “competent, knowledgeable and skilled” care.

Doddington Court, in Benwick Road, was ranked as ‘good’ following an inspection in January by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Officials found the personal care, treatment and support for residents at Sanctuary Retirement Living’s complex achieved positive outcomes and promoted a “good quality of life”.

Residents have access to a range of on-site communal facilities including a public restaurant, a hairdressing salon and games room.

Care and support is adapted to suit residents’ individual needs, helping them to remain as independent as possible.

Inspectors noted that people were “treated with kindness” by “competent, knowledgeable and skilled” staff.

The CQC report read: “We observed people were treated with kindness and were positive about the staff’s caring approach.

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“We received feedback from people which supported this. One person told us: ‘The staff are magnificent; they treat us very well.’ Another added, ‘The care I receive goes from good to superb.”

Staff were seen to protect the dignity and respect the privacy of residents.

Residents told inspectors they felt safe and received timely care, using their emergency pendants to call for help when required.

“Staff said they enjoyed their work and are given enough time to talk to residents,” the report added.

“The service was well-run. Staff at all levels understood their roles and responsibilities.”

Inspectors also noted that all the people they spoke to visited the on-site restaurant to eat their main meal and that staff supported them with a snack in the evening.

Tracey Tunnell, Doddington’s registered care manager, said: “Our person-centred approach encourages residents to remain as independent as possible, while offering choice and respecting privacy and dignity.

“We are extremely proud of our community and are very happy that the environment we work hard to promote shines through in the report.”

Improvements were needed in continuous learning of care from audits and analysis of incidents and for managers to work alongside other professionals such as district nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers.