Is it a hare ? Is it a deer? It’s the wayward Warboys wallaby!

Wilf the wandering wallaby at Warboys

Wilf the wandering wallaby at Warboys - Credit: Archant

JUMPING jellybeans Sheila! Is that a wallaby on the side of the road in the Fens?!

Wilf the wandering wallaby from Warboys

Wilf the wandering wallaby from Warboys - Credit: Archant

You could be mistaken for thinking you were seeing things but fair dinkum to our reporter Kath Sansom who spotted the wannabee kangaroo hopping along the side of the A141 on the way home from Huntingdon.

A call to the non emergency Cambridgeshire Police came back with a reply of: “Don’t worry, it is perfectly happy, we get calls all the time.

“It seems to have made its home round here,” leaving the baffled unanswered question of where exactly did the wallaby come from in the first place?

The wallaby was happily hopping alongside the A141 near RAF Wyton on the outskirts of Warboys when Kath spotted it as she drove home from a wedding at about 7.30pm on Saturday.

Drivers slowed down in awe while passengers videoed the confident creature as it sat watching the world go by from its spot on the side of the road near the RAF base.

Kath said: “It seemed very confident and friendly and let me get within a metre, but a van drove by and spooked, it which is when it jumped into bushes and hid.”

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The BBC reported on the Wallaby in January this year when a couple who had recently moved to the area told how the wallaby had made a home for itself at the bottom of their garden.

The couple, who intially thought it was a giant hare, called the wallaby Wilf and have been told by the RSPCA to simply keep an eye on him as he seems happy and healthy.

RSPCA officers told the couple the wallaby probably has a burrow close to the garden.

Wilf the Warboys wallaby is not the first to have been spotted in Cambridgeshire.

In October last year a taxi driver spotted a wallaby on the A603 at Barton, about 25 miles from Warboys.