Is there any law against walking through the market stalls?

LAST Thursday, whilst I was out in Wisbech town centre and waiting on my husband, I came out of WH Smith and crossed over to the market stalls.

I walked at the back of the fish mongers van then proceeded to get to the post box near TG Hughes.

A woman said ‘are you all right’ I said yes, walked little further then a man said ‘are you all right’. Once more I said yes. I am disabled and walking with a stick.

The man then said in a rude manner ‘you are walking through my stall’. I said in a shaky voice ‘sorry I am going to the post box’.

I told my husband when he came from his appointment. He said he did not think this was private land.

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Can someone tell me please what the law is about walking through the market place - is there a law against walking amongst the traders’ stalls?

I have done this in the past and no-one has said anything like that to me before. Maybe he thought some disabled pensioner was going steal his wares.

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