Is this the busiest police camera in Cambs? 36 drivers stopped in Wisbech vehicle crime crackdown

WISBECH is home to one of the busiest police cameras in Cambridgeshire - with more than 10,000 “hits” logged last month.

The automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera, on Freedom Bridge roundabout, records vehicles involved in traffic offences and other crime.

In May it logged 7,779 vehicles which had no keeper details registered with the DVLA, 321 vehicles involved in traffic offences and 455 vehicles related to crimes - such as drug dealing and metal theft.

Cambridgeshire Police held a special crackdown - titled Operation Callisto - yesterday, with the aim of “denying criminals the use of the road”.

Officers stopped 36 vehicles, using the camera system, with two removed from the road for being uninsured and seven drivers issued with fixed penalty notices.

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Chief Inspector Mike Winters, area commander for Fenland, said: “Equally as important was the fact that the police activity attracted great interest, from the law-abiding and law-breakers alike.”

Three police cars and an ANPR van monitored vehicles in the town centre, while officers from Norfolk Police and HM Revenue & Customs carried out checks for red diesel.

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Chief Insp Winters said: “ANPR is a fantastic example of how policing can be enhanced through technology with the cameras able to complete PNC (police national computer) and intelligence checks on every vehicle that passes by.

“It means that any resultant stop checks are focused and targeted against vehicles and people that may be causing harm or risk to the community.

“I am very grateful to the volunteer officers who gave up their own time to carry this out and I fully intend to exploit the technology further in the future.”

Special Sergeant Sue Roe said: “The main emphasis of the day was getting criminals off the road. We will look to carry this on throughout the summer.

“The Wisbech camera is one of the highest hitting cameras in Cambridgeshire - it is right at the hub of the town.

“Wisbech has also been listed by the Motor Insurers’ Bureau as one of the highest areas for vehicles with no insurance.

“We want to get these people off the roads one way or the other.”

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