Is this the person who ignored us?

I note that Councillor James Palmer is deeply concerned that no proper consultation period has been allocated for consideration of the future of local Minor Injuries Units, including Ely.

And that it would be ‘deeply worrying if public opinion was to be completely ignored’ and that he wishes to find out the full facts.

I completely agree that it would be catastrophic for local residents should the MIU at the Princess of Wales Hospital close.

This provides a very valuable service to our local community. The necessary changes could be made to make it compliant with the suggested new rules of 16 hours per day opening, x-ray facilities during that time and blood tests and results also being available whilst the unit was open.

GP surgeries are over-stretched, as is Addenbrooke’s, our local hospital and the MIU could liaise with local health providers to continue to provide a very vital service.

However, is this the same person who said that Barton Road car park was ‘only a car park’?

And completely ignored the wishes of a large number of people concerned about many issues regarding the proposed development, including what they considered to be inappropriate development in a conservation area, numerous safety issues and the effect of the proposed development on local residents, including those from outlying villages and the possible loss of income from tourism? Is this also the same council which applied for planning permission for development of Barton Road car park just before Christmas 2015, thus originally allowing a minimum consultation period?

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