Is Wisbech getting the lion’s share of Fenland’s cash asks councillor for Doddington?

A COUNCILLOR has demanded to know how much Fenland District Council spends on each of its four market towns after hinting that Wisbech might be getting the lion’s share.

Councillor David Connor, elected in May to represent Doddington, raised the issue during a ‘state of the district’ debate at Fenland Hall last night.

Councillor Alan Melton had earlier introduced the debate, citing improvements made in the district over the past year and where future growth and developments might be expected.

Cllr Connor said a “heck of a lot of time” talk- and investment- seemed to be about Wisbech and not Whittlesey, March, Chatteris, Benwick or even Doddington!

“Wisbech is of paramount importance but I think a fair balance is needed” said the councillor who was promised a break down by Cllr Melton of spending in each part of Fenland.

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Cllr Melton reminded him of a �500,000 rural development fund the council had made available to villagers but he said officers would find the information he requested. Other councillors asked for it to be sent to them.

Cllr Melton had earlier told councillors that the ‘state of the district’ debate was “a throwback to the 2000 Local Government Act. An anachronism that is now hardly relevant.”

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He said Fenland was lucky in that it had “an excellent council, staffed by highly professional officers and front line workers. I firmly believe in a golden future for Fenland-we are ahead of the game and we intend to stay there.”

Among achievements highlighted by Cllr Melton were the �1.5 million now agreed for the College of West Anglia site in Wisbech, opening of another phase of the business centre at Chatteris, and �2.5 million in savings made by the council last year and a further �1.5 million savings this year.

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