Issues obstructing Knowles expansion in Fenland village are ridiculous and unbelievable

I READ with interest of the ridiculous, unbelievable issues being raised to obstruct Mr Knowles’ plans to expand the site at Manea Road, Wimblington.

This has been a busy hauliers site and storage depot for as long as I can remember and in its prime it also boasted a chemical and agricultural suppliers company.

I was amazed to read that there was concerns about slow moving traffic at this junction. This is precisely what drivers at every T Junction should be doing (driving slower and anticipating other road users).

If anyone wants to see that junction busy I suggest they go and sit there Sunday mornings and watch the endless queuing of car booters’ traffic. I am not suggesting there is any thing wrong with that event.

Several years ago I wrote to your columns regarding the removal of the slip road which accessed Manea Road. At that time I did suggest that if that needed removing then a roundabout should have been employed.

If there is anyone who is prepared to invest in employment and property to generate job security and wealth to our Fenland area these business must be supported and encouraged to expand, and if it’s a case of altering a road junction to accommodate that investment then do that as well.

After saying that, I suspect that the additional traffic which this site may produce will in percentage terms be so minimal that its impact will not cause any issues as regards of volumes at this junction.

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I am sure that once the facts are documented that common sense will prevail.

The Big Society is about every one working together, not everybody trying to be obstructive and negative.


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