It appears that Roddons and Fenland Council knew fate of both sheltered schemes set for closure

I REFER to Cllr Martin Curtis’ reply to my views in last week’s edition on the closure of The Dale and Napier Court sheltered housing schemes.

I have stated that I believe that Roddons and FDC knew at the time of the ballot that these two schemes would be closed, yet Fenland tenants were not advised of this.

Cllr Curtis confirms in his response “… there was no breach of promises … these two homes were not capable of refurbishment at that time”.

So it now appears from Cllr Curtis that the future of both schemes was in fact known at ballot time. Again, may I ask where, when and how were tenants advised of this so that they could have voted knowing all the facts, not those cherry picked by FDC/Roddons to achieve their desired ends?

This would appear to be a serious omission on the part of FDC/Roddons and someone must be culpable.

For the sake of brevity, I shall raise at this time just one other point which Cllr Curtis failed to address. How many of the promised 500 homes have been built to date and will all 500 be completed within the agreed five-year term? If not, why not?

Instead of home closures, perhaps lessons could be learnt from the Sanctuary Group which, in partnership with NHS Cambridgeshire, FDC and CCC, is to build a 50-bed extra care scheme for older people at Doddington.

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I would feel a greater empathy if Roddons was to replace the schemes with the same, rather than turn them into ordinary affordable housing.



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