It is a great injustice that Rob has been put through this for caring about the dogs’ welfare

My family and I have known Rob Phipps for some years now, not only as owner of The Pet Shop but as a friend and fellow member of several bird and small animal clubs and events.

Over the years we have seen many animals in Rob’s care and have clearly seen that he devotes himself to their welfare.

I have seen him take many birds, dogs and other creatures into his care that have needed rehabilitation to return them to full health.

At all times every animal has had access to appropriate food, water, warmth, clean bedding/surroundings and was happy and settled in their surroundings.

Never has there been any question as to their welfare whilst in Rob’s care.

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He understands the animals’ needs and has given care and love to many animals that would have been abandoned or harmed if he had not taken them.

As a responsible rescue dog owner and local business owner I am happy to support Rob and JJ Rescue through this difficult time and hope that action will be taken to return the dogs so they may be rehomed as was planned.

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It is a great injustice that the only person that would take the dogs the RSPCA was happy to turn its back on has been put through this for simply caring and devoting his own time and money on animal welfare.

Upon speaking to Rob, his only concern was that the dogs were suitably rehomed.


Owner, Adele’s Snackbar

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