IT’S HILDA SNOGDEN! Social club fundraising will be sealed with a kiss

A CHEEKY 96-year-old will pucker up next month to help raise money for her beloved social club.

Hilda Boyce, of Morton Avenue, March, will hold a kissing booth at the club’s summer fete on July 23. The grandmother of two is offering a peck on the cheek for 50p but will also allow people to kiss her cheek for the same price.

Cash raised will go towards the Morton Avenue Social Club which relies on donations and fundraising to keep running.

Mrs Boyce said: “I’m too old to stand behind a stall all day so I said as a joke ‘I’ll hold a kissing booth’ and they’ve only gone and took me up on it!

“I’m finding it all very funny especially as they’re giving me a crown and will tell people that they can pay 50p to kiss the Queen.”

Her novel idea has gained national interest from The Sun newspaper and even BBC’s The One Show which contacted the evergreen fundraiser about running a feature on her exploits.

A host of other stalls and events are planned on the day to raise further money to help keep the group going and fund more trips for residents.

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Mrs Boyce said: “The kissing booth has brought more publicity to the event which I’m happy about. The club means so much to me and I’ve made lots of friends through it.

“As long as people kiss me anywhere on my face and give me 50p then I’ll be a happy lady.”

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