It’s not all about the ideology

I’m writing in response to David Silver’s letter, and to assure him that there are many people within the local Labour Party who share his views.

David is absolutely correct when he decries the focus on ideology when we should be listening and engaging with our neighbours, our local community. During my six years living in Wisbech I have previously worked hard with colleagues to re-establish Labour, challenging every election opportunity and developing a series of local policies.

We are facing a series of significant challenge which will directly impact our families and communities including growing populations, pressure on public services, the impact of BREXIT in an area which economically relies on the EU, and most recently the renewed threats to local hospitals in Ely, Doddington and Wisbech.

It is essential that people stand up for themselves, contact elected politicians, and even take to protest, but without doubt the best remedy is to have councillors who truly represent the needs and interests of their communities.

The Labour Party have no district or county councillors in Fenland - this must be our primary objective, this is the best way to make progressive change. I would love to welcome David and people like him back into our party to this end.

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Keir Hardie rebuffed the radical and revolutionary socialists - as has every Labour leader until today. Keir understood the need to build a broad and progressive movement from the neighbourhood up - he felt no need to instruct on dogma but rather he travelled far and wide to listen, observe and engage. The Labour Party is at its best when it is best aligned with the public aspirations, it is indeed time to listen not preach.


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