It’s town councils that elect mayors, NOT Fenland District Council

I was somewhat puzzled by Councillor Alan Lay’s confused letter in last week’s newspaper.

For some reason he felt the need to talk about Fenland District Council, though it is town councils that elect a mayor.

Then he seemed surprised about my suggestions of hypocrisy. I was referring, of course, to Ramsey, the nearby town where UKIP control the town council and was very quick to install a UKIP mayor.

I was also surprised by the suggestion that Wisbech town councillors “only look after themselves”.

Town councillors are volunteers. We all do hundreds of hours of work for free every year. We do not get any allowances or any expenses - and we do not want any.

It is quite different to the UKIP county councillors who claim thousands of pounds in allowances and expenses each year.

We only have to read recent headlines to see what they do to earn all that cash, though, don’t we?

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