Items stolen from March in one year include £700 worth of baby clothes, toiletries, garden furniture and jewellery

Two police officers were assaulted this weekend

Two police officers were assaulted this weekend - Credit: Archant

Thousands of pounds worth of goods have been stolen from shops in March across one year, new figures reveal.

Around £700 worth of baby clothes were stolen this January alongside jewellery, alcohol and earrings.

The figures come as part of an FOI request from Cambridgeshire Police which state the number of items stolen between January 2017 to January 2018.

Toiletries, tobacco, televisions and electronic devices were also listed as being racked up by thieves during the period.

A spokesperson from Cambridgeshire Police said that stores are made aware of crime prevention advice and officers visit regularly.

They said: “The local team works with the integrated offender management team to target repeat offenders providing them with pathways away from crime.

“Stores are provided with crime prevention advice and encouraged to install CCTV.

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“Those stores that have CCTV get a visit from a local officer following an incident and the CCTV is viewed, downloaded and the images circulated in order for an identification to be made.

“The majority of crimes are reported after the incident. This will often occur after an offence has been recorded following a review of CCTV footage or reported by staff after the time of the offence.”

Topping the list was computer equipment stolen in January 2017 to the value of £1451.83.

Toiletries worth £629.85 were stolen in March last year alongside garden furniture at £249.99 in June and toys and games in September at £177.80.

Items stolen this year so far ranged from food, computer components, meat and fish, totalling up to £1,990.98.

It comes as police warned March residents to be vigilant following reports of rogue traders in the Cavalry Drive area last week.

A police spokesman said: “We have had reports of rogue traders in the area of Cavalry Drive in March on Thursday afternoon (March 1).

“Officers have been conducting patrols in relation to this.

“If you see anything suspicious then please contact us on 101.”

National crime statistics also revealed that there had been 45 crimes in the town in January, with the majority being committed near a supermarket or prison.

Others were reported in residential areas near Nightall Drive, Marina Drive and Truman Avenue.

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