Join a convoy to the Calais refugee camp or donate goods at a pop up supply centre in Wisbech

Rosmini Centre Wisbech opens its doors for donations to Calais refugees

Rosmini Centre Wisbech opens its doors for donations to Calais refugees - Credit: Archant

A pop up supply station is coming to Wisbech for people to donate goods to Calais refugees.

The Rosmini Centre in Wisbech will open its doors on June 8 from 6 to 7pm for people to donate supplies.

These will be taken by a group from King’s Lynn and Wisbech Stop the War Coalition who are joining a mass convoy to Calais on Saturday June 18.

“This is the biggest show of support for refugees the country has seen,” said William Alderson one of the coordinators of the local group.

“This is a humanitarian disaster on a massive scale,” he said.

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“We believe the Government are out of touch with this issue. It is a problem we should be dealing with, not ignoring.

“There are 10,000 children unaccompanied who have gone missing since entering Europe. Likely to have been picked up by traffickers.

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“If you put blockades up this will continue to happen.”

War on Want and the unions UNITE and TSSA, among many others, are taking part in the convoy.

“The crisis has escalated. Instead of addressing the issues, fences and detention centres are being built and people are being deported to war-zones where homes and lives have been destroyed,” he said.

“Food and clothing are running short in the camps.”

Jacqueline Mulhallen, one of the coordinators of King’s Lynn and Wisbech Stop the War, added: “People in Wisbech have already donated £100 towards taking supplies to Calais.

“We are very grateful to them and thank them for their generosity, which is typical of the good response all over the country.

“Recent surveys show that most people in England would welcome refugees.”

The group is collecting donations of food and clothing, particularly waterproof clothing, to take.

To join the convoy or to make sure you donate what is needed please contact

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