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UKIP spokesperson Suzanne Evans blamed her party’s poor showing in London on not appealing to the “well educated and cultured”.

This appears to be an appalling insult to their supporters in Fenland. However I beg to disagree with Ms Evans.

Her party’s popularity is based on appealing to understandable fears about the effect of immigration on small towns like Wisbech, where the change has been very difficult for many to come to terms with.

This does not chime in London where voters have had time to look at some of UKIPs other policies such as abolishing the right to four weeks paid holiday per year, abolishing the right to maternity leave, abolishing sick pay, reducing the pay of workers on long term contracts, raising income tax by 11 per cent on those earning less than £42,000 per year and putting the whole of the NHS out to tender to private contractors.

These are all policies that have appeared in recent UKIP manifestos.

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You don’t need a university degree to find these polices unattractive.

The Trades Union Council believes that the exploitation of workers will not end whether we are in or out of the EU unless we have strong trade unions. Come and find out more at our Trade Union Festival on June 28 in Wisbech.

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Sue Dockett, Secretary

Wisbech, March & District Trades Union Council

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