Jordan Gill’s #NextGeneration scheme aims to help Fenland youngsters ‘follow their dreams’

Jordan Gill presents his Commonwealth Featherweight belt at Chatteris Town FC after winning the titl

Jordan Gill presents his Commonwealth Featherweight belt at Chatteris Town FC after winning the title in October 2018. Picture: IAN CARTER - Credit: Archant

Chatteris boxer Jordan Gill hopes to encourage young people in Fenland to “follow their dreams” with his new scheme.

The 'Jordan Gill #NextGeneration' scheme was made public last year after the Fenland featherweight decided to make his mark on the local community.

Mark Turner, who is a member of the #NextGeneration team, said: "Jordan was invited to do various things for social and community groups.

"Jordan was keen to continue to do that work on his own terms, so I think that was part of the motivation.

"He has grown up in Fenland and is keen to give something back."

Mark, alongside team members Jordan, trainer Dave Coldwell and Jordan's mum Amy, spoke to Fenland District Council (FDC) chief executive Paul Medd about possible funding before Christmas.

Although progress has been made, no financial support has yet been received.

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"Jordan was asked to do some awards, and it led to me dropping an email to some of the leadership at FDC to say 'this was our plan, is this something we can work together on?'" Mark said.

"They said 'we are happy to help and want to ensure that residents are able to access the services'.

"We have been putting subtle hints on social media, but in terms of the actual launch, we want to wait until the funding is announced.

"We have got a bid under consideration with the National Lottery, but we should hopefully get an answer by the end of February to the middle of March."

Discussions with other national charities including Children in Need have taken place, but no local authorities apart from FDC have been approached.

It is not known how much funding is needed for the launch, but establishing a reputation in the Fens is a key priority.

"When we announce the launch, I imagine a number of organisations locally can probably see the benefit of our work," Mark added.

"The focus is on young people, building aspirations and supporting young people to follow their dreams. If we can help with any opportunities, whatever they are, we want to get involved."

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