Judge praises ‘outstanding’ Whitemoor prison officer who put himself between knife wielding inmate and fellow prisoner

Extra life sentence for Kevin McCarthy plus the weapon used in the attack

Extra life sentence for Kevin McCarthy plus the weapon used in the attack - Credit: Archant

A prisoner who attacked an inmate inside Whitemoor jail, by slashing their throat with a make shift knife, carried out a chilling attack in similar circumstances six years ago, it has been revealed.

Kevin McCarthy, 49, pleaded guilty to attempted murder of a fellow prisoner in the cold blooded attack in the lunch queue using a razor blade wrapped in thick folds of paper.

In 2011, while serving time in Dovegate prison in Burton, he slashed the throat of a convicted paedophile, again in the lunch queue, but that time using a toothbrush studded with razor blades.

Following that attack in 2011, the court said McCarthy would be segregated from other prisoners for a considerable period of time.

Following the latest attack, a prison officer at Whitemoor jail, who put himself between McCarthy and his victim, was praised for his bravery and courage.

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Following the latest attack, Judge Farrell said the actions of the officer at Whitemoor were “outstanding”.

Detective Constable Emily Clarke said: “Without the quick and professional actions of prison staff, both securing McCarthy and providing emergency first aid to Mr Fowkes, this incident could have proven fatal.

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“While the victim has physically recovered from his injuries, he is still suffering psychologically and has been left with a permanent scar.”

McCarthy plotted to kill fellow inmate Damien Fowkes, 41, by slashing his throat with a home made weapon in October 2016.

The court heard how the victim was in the queue to collect his lunch at the prison on October 2 last year when he was approached from behind by McCarthy.

McCarthy was carrying a makeshift weapon made using a razor blade and thick folds of paper, which he used to cut Mr Fowkes’ throat.

Mr Fowkes received a 30cm laceration which required internal stitches and staples.

He has been left with a permanent scar across his neck.

McCarthy, 49, serving time for armed robbery and his previous jail attack, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was today (17) given a further minimum term of 18 years in a hearing at Peterborough Crown Court.

In a previous throat slashing McCarthy slit a paedophile’s throat using a toothbrush studded with razor blades, which was carried out in the lunch queue, in a bid to kill child sex offender Mark Holding.

The victim was left with a six-inch wound and blood gushing from his neck. He was rushed to hospital and required 60 stitches.

The attempt failed only because the blades narrowly missed Holding’s windpipe and vital arteries.

McCarthy later told prison staff he knew Holding had been convicted of 16 child rape charges and he ‘wanted to take his head off’.

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