Only 46 people – just 0.0070769230769231 per cent of the population – respond to Cambs council tax survey

Only 47 people - or 0.01 pc of the population - took part in an online survey by Cambridgeshire Coun

Only 47 people - or 0.01 pc of the population - took part in an online survey by Cambridgeshire County Council over council tax proposals. Picture; STOCK IMAGE - Credit: Archant

Only 0.0070769230769231 per cent of the population of Cambridgeshire responded to an online survey by the county council inviting views on council tax rises.

Latest population figures show the county has around 650,000 people living here but only 46 of them bothered to undertake the survey.

Two of those taking part preferred not to say where they lived but of the others 12 live in Cambridge, 13 in Huntingdonshire, nine in South Cambridgeshire, five in Fenland and just four in East Cambridgeshire.

The council published the survey late last year as part of a communications drive to engage with residents about what is important to them in determining any tax rise.

The council did other work as part of budget planning including 1,000 face to face interviews and the results of these have also been analysed and fed into the debate.

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Of the 46 online responses two thirds (28) were female 30 per cent male (13) and two preferring not to say.

Only eight people under the age of 35 responded to a series of questions ranging from views on education, health, local decision making, adult training and employment.

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Of the 46 responses, three quarters backed efforts for maximum recycling but 63 per cent saying there are "not at all likely" to help at community centres or libraries.

"Residents were asked to rate their level of support for various approaches that could be taken to either save money or increase income," says the report.

All supported, for instance, increasing number of Cambridgeshire foster carers but elsewhere only 6.8 per cent of respondents to sharing more local government services, and particularly with Peterborough City Council.

That figure contrasted sharply with the results from the face to face interviews which showed that 81 per cent of residents either 'fully supported' (41pc) or 'supported' (40pc) the proposal that the county should continue to explore ways of merging and sharing services with partners.

Just under a fifth (19pc) objected to this proposal, with 5pc cent objecting strongly.

In the analysis of the 1,000 interviews it was revealed that overall 58 per cent claim they were either 'very' (29pc) or 'somewhat' (30pc) likely to take actions that help themselves to be healthier and more active; 39pc said they already do this. Just 3pc said it was not at all likely they would do this.

And when it comes to volunteering for local community bodies, overall 53pc were either 'very' (15pc) or 'somewhat' (38pc) likely to volunteer at a local community centre, library or other local facility. 10pc said they already do this and 37pc said it was not at all likely they would do this.

All the figures can be found the council website.

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