JUSTICE FOR JAMIE: Heartbroken families from across the country leave their stories on petition

PEOPLE from all over the country are backing the Justice for Jamie campaign - with many posting their own heartbreaking stories of the suffering caused by dangerous drivers.

The campaign targets justice for 22-year-old Jamie Butcher, who was mown down and killed on a pelican crossing in Churchill Road, Wisbech, in February last year.

Driver Michael Moore, of Murrow Lane, Parson Drove, was doing almost twice the speed limit and had run a red light. He was jailed for just 43 months.

More than 2,200 people have signed the petition, which calls for tougher sentences in death by dangerous driving cases.

Steve Green, Jamie’s stepfather, said he was so moved by some of the messages that he wanted to contact the people who had left them.

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“There are some heartbreaking stories,” he said. “There are messages from people who have lost parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters - all to dangerous drivers.”

The petition, which launched last week, asks supporters to provide a reason for signing. While many of these are tributes to Jamie, others include their own devastating stories:

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Donna Pressland: “My mum was killed in 1982 by a hit-and-run driver. He was never caught. My life has been destroyed by losing my mum. I want justice even 30 years on.”

Clare Clubb: “On August 25 2011 my sister Lisa Clubb, aged 29, was killed by a speeding driver as she crossed the road. She leaves behind her three-year-old daughter Demi and a broken family.”

Sue Barker: “Our son, Paul, was killed in May 2010 along with his friend by a driver under the influence of a cocktail of drugs.

“She was sentenced to 40 months because, like Moore, she pleaded guilty at the last minute. She is expected to serve less than two years. She killed two people and left five children fatherless.”

Zoe Wisdom: “Jamie was a fantastic guy and a brilliant friend. He cared about every person and was always willing to help others.

“He wanted to change the world and make it a better place. Hopefully this petition will make a change in Jamie’s name and the world can be better for it.”

Giulietta Galli-Atkinson: “Our 16-year-old Livia was killed by a driver who mounted the pavement where she was walking. Convicted of dangerous driving, the offender received a fine, a five year ban and 10 points. This was 1998.

“Some changes have been brought about since but because leniency is still evident, it means that not enough has been done to change the mindset that road deaths and serious injuries are acceptable collateral damage of modern society and some times consequences of momentary errors. These are homicides.”

Mike Thompson: “My son was hit by a motorbike travelling at over 80mph in a 40mph limit. He has been left with brain damage and the life that he had has been taken away.

“The bike rider is likely to get a suspended sentence and driving ban. This is no deterrent.”

Paula Knight: “My son Adam was killed August 12, 2007, aged 16. The car was overloaded with six people in it, the driver and passengers got away scot-free. Dead people cant talk for themselves.

“I don’t want my son’s death to be in vain, dangerous drivers get away with murder.”

Julie Cook: “For Daniel Mooring who was killed last year, whose parents’ and sisters’ lives were changed forever by a dangerous driver.

“For all who knew Daniel who can’t believe the sentence the offender got, who will mourn forever the loss of such a young life.”

Helen Dudden: “My husband was killed at the age of 32 by a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road. One June afternoon, I became a widow at the age of 30.

“He left two children, one 11 and one 13. What else can I say?”

Jill Osborne: “My dear 13-year-old niece was killed whilst on her bike on a cycle path by a speeding racing car. In a 30mph zone he was doing 81mph.

“Amy died instantly, the driver was sentenced to 11 years but pleaded guilty so it dropped to seven. He will serve three years six months. This is not enough.”

Jane Hofmeister: “My daughter Amy was killed on June 15, 2011 by two drivers who were racing. I am heading a road safety campaign called ‘Think Amy’.”

Laura Whittaker: “My grandad was killed on a pedestrian crossing whilst walking hand in hand with my nan. The lights changed but a taxi driver drove straight through.”

Jan French: “My son was almost killed 15 months ago due to the stupidity of a lorry driver. My son was in hospital for seven weeks and had six months off work.

“The driver pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and got four months suspended sentence. He should have been locked up.”

Katheryn Martin: “Jamie was a great friend who without a doubt would have achieved great things in life. He was the best guy I knew. I miss him so much.”

Belen (sic) Pavani: “My husband was killed on his bike by a dangerous driver six years ago. The driver got seven points on his licence. That was it.

“We have been left with no justice and two little boys are fatherless. My husband lost his life, he was 42 years old.”

Tina Butcher: “Because I love my son Jamie and I don’t want other families to feel this pain. JUSTICE HAS TO BE DONE NOW.”


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