Justice for Jamie: Major breakthrough as campaigners win a possible review of sentencing guidelines

Tina Butcher and Steve Green met justice secretary Chris Grayling, left, with NE Cambs MP Steve Barc

Tina Butcher and Steve Green met justice secretary Chris Grayling, left, with NE Cambs MP Steve Barclay. - Credit: Archant

THE fight to get justice for Wisbech crash victim Jamie Butcher took a step forward this week when the Sentencing Council agreed it may review guidelines for drivers convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.

NE Cambs MP Steve Barclay has been campaigning alongside Jamie’s family for tougher penalties.

Last month, Jamie’s mother Tina Butcher and stepfather Steve Green were joined by Mr Barclay for a meeting with Justice Secretary Chris Grayling.

Jamie, 22, was mown down and killed by speeding driver Michael Moore, on a pedestrian crossing in Churchill Road, Wisbech, in February 2011.

Moore, of Murrow Lane, Parson Drove, was doing almost twice the speed limit and had run a red light – but was jailed last April for just 43 months.

Following a meeting with Jamie’s family, the Sentencing Council could review guidelines which currently make it difficult for judges to give out tougher sentences to offenders.

After hearing the news of a possible review, Jamie’s family said: “This is great news for the campaign and we welcome the secretary of state’s intervention on our behalf.

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“We await the response from the Sentencing Council and will continue in our efforts to secure justice for the families of those killed by dangerous drivers.”

Mr Barclay said: “This is the major breakthrough we were hoping for when we set up the public petition. This is the first step to securing real change so that in the future killer drivers get the tough penalties they deserve.

“Whilst this is progress there is still much for the campaign to do. We must redouble our efforts to ensure that the Sentencing Council makes the right changes when it comes to review the guidelines.

“I would encourage anyone who has not already done so to sign the campaign on the website www.StopDangerousDrivers.com”

The maximum sentence is 14 years but this maximum has never been applied by judges.

A spokesman for the Sentencing Council said: “The Sentencing Council will consider a review of the current guideline on causing death by driving, as well as the guidance on other driving offences in the guidelines used by the magistrates’ courts. Due to statutory duties to undertake other work in 2013, along with guidelines currently being developed, the Council will need to complete this work before considering a review.”

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