‘Keep Tidy’ campaign idea unveiled by councillor in bid to help cut Fenland Council spending

Cllr Virginia Bucknor created a logo to show councillors as part of her campaign idea.

Cllr Virginia Bucknor created a logo to show councillors as part of her campaign idea. - Credit: Archant

Companies, community groups and clubs could be encouraged to get more involved in keeping Fenland’s streets tidy after a councillor’s campaign won support from colleagues.

Councillor Virginia Bucknor proposed the launch of a campaign titled ‘Help Fenland Save Money: Keep (place name) Tidy’ at last night’s meeting of Fenland District Council.

She told councillors: “We have spent hundreds, thousands, trying to keep streets clear of rubbish and we are increasing our spending. This was never the case years ago – the spending has grown exponentially over the years.

“We know it’s a priority for our council but what are we doing spending all this money? It’s like pushing water uphill.

“Michael (Bucknor, who is also a councillor) and I were discussing the issue and we think the answer is re-education. Many people, we are sure, don’t appreciate how much it is costing us.

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“The reason we like Keep xx Tidy is to get ownership from the community. This would be self-sufficient – and could be saving money for Fenland that could be better spent.”

Cllr Bucknor asked council leader John Clark to consider launching a “Fenland-wide, long-term campaign to get the involvement of groups, clubs and as many organisations as practical to help Fenland save money”.

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Cllr Clark said: “I agree with a lot you say. I believe we can support you on this.

“I did have a word with one of the directors about this. There is a campaign that is forthcoming.”

Cllr Clark asked Councillor Peter Murphy, portfolio holder responsible for the environment, to discuss the campaign idea with Cllr Bucknor.

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