Kids Are Alright campaign achieves positive results

A SURVEY has revealed our Kids Are Alright campaign is changing people’s view about the youth of today.

A poll said our multi award-winning campaign makes older people feel more positive about the younger generation.

Young people also believe the campaign, supported by a number of partner agencies, inspires them to believe in their potential for success.

One 16-year-old said: “I like this campaign because it recognises the good in us young people and promotes it.”

Another teenager, a student of Marshland High School in West Walton, said: “The campaign has encouraged me to achieve things I can be proud of by helping not only myself but others around me.”

The 16-year-old student, who travelled with classmates to Malawi last year to build classrooms for some of the world’s poorest children, added: “Some of the friendships I made are very special. They are important to me as they teach me to love and learn about new cultures.”

A 17-year-old participant said: “The campaign was good as it showed young people in a positive light and encouraged more volunteer opportunities.”

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A 13-year-old respondent said the Kids Are Alright was “really good and more young people should get involved in their community”.

Out of the 21 replies to the survey, 18 said it made older people feel more positively about the youth of today.

Half of the young respondents said it gave them something great to put on their CV, whereas four said it made their families proud.

Some also believe being put forward for a Kids Are Alright award made them a good role model for their peers.

• A Facebook fan page has been created so people of all ages can follow the campaign as it spreads across the country and take part. Visit and search for the Kids Are Alright.

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