Kids Are Alright Challenge nomination for Fenland youth theatre’s teenage leaders

FOUR talented teenagers have earned a Kids Are Alright Challenge nomination for helping young performers take to the stage at a Fenland youth theatre.

Tom Field, 17, and Scott Killingworth, Scarlett Morris and Lauren Russell, all 15, have spent hours volunteering at Fenland Arts Youth Theatre, working with children aged 6-11.

Katherine Nightingale, from Fenland Arts, said: “They have given up their time to write lines, create dances and support the children to work through their moments of lack of confidence and uncertainty of lines and dance steps.

“As well as using their skills in choreography, script writing and performing the nominees act as mentors. They support confidence building, act as a sounding board and at times work with challenging behaviour.

“It is wonderful to see the relationships develop between the children and the teenagers.”

One parent, whose child has attended the drama group for the last year, said: “I have seen her confidence blossom as she attains skills which were often thought beyond her due to her particular needs.

“I have to thank the young people involved in the group, Lauren, Scarlett, Scott and Tom for their humour, goodwill, dedication and intense commitment to inclusion which has made my child feel welcome, valued and given her the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the group.”

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The four teenagers, who led the children during a recent ‘A Night at the Musicals’ project, are the first nomination for May’s Kids Are Alright Challenge prize.