Killed on his way to draw �20 from cash machine: the 21-year-old “who lit up rooms and sweetened dreams”

HIS thirst for life, laughter and living was intoxicating. His friends, family and colleagues loved moments spent with him. Jamie Butcher lit up rooms and sweetened dreams.

But in a horrendous crash the 22-year-old psychology student – back home in Wisbech and working temporarily for Pike Textiles - was killed.

Jamie had been on his way to withdraw �20 from a cash machine and was killed on a pelican crossing in Churchill Road by a motorist who had run a red light and was travelling at nearly twice the 30mph speed limit.

Jamie never stood a chance. His body was found 44 metres from the crossing.

His family remain inconsolable, the grief never leaving them, the pain gnawing deep within their hearts.

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“Birthdays, family holidays - we’re never going to have that again, every Christmas there’s going to be an empty chair,” said Steve Green after watching the man who killed his stepson jailed for 43 months at Cambridge Crown Court.

Jamie’s mum Tina Butcher said: “I have often said that Jamie was too good for this world. Our loss is heaven’s gain.”

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His 20-year-old sister Hollie watched as Michael Moore, 40, of Parson Drove, was led away to begin his sentence.

“Sitting at home, seeing your parents crying all the time. Mr Moore doesn’t realise we’ve got to go through this forever,” she said.

Moore, who had previous convictions for speeding and burglary, showed no emotion as he was jailed.

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