Kodak shop in Wisbech Horsefair is here to stay, and looking forward to the future

Kodak Express Shop, Horsefair Wisbech. Lindsay Price at her shop

Kodak Express Shop, Horsefair Wisbech. Lindsay Price at her shop - Credit: Archant

THE mother and daughter duo who run the Kodak shop in Wisbech’s Horsefair say they are here to stay - despite their business mistakenly appearing to be up for sale on a website.

Kodak Express shop, Horsefair Wisbech.

Kodak Express shop, Horsefair Wisbech. - Credit: Archant

Lorraine Whittaker has been helping her daughter Lindsay Price to run the One Stop Photo Shop - known as Kodak Express - for more than four years.

Lorraine said: “We did think about selling the business at one time, when trade dipped, but we took it off the market about a year ago, and we are looking forward to a busy summer.”

The Kodak shop offers a full photograph processing service, and is the only business in town to offer same day processing of 35mm films.

Lorraine said: “We do processing, enlargements, and can create posters instantly. We can also supply canvasses within three days, and we sell a full range of photographic accessories, including frames and albums.

“If a customer brings in an old photo we can make a poster of it, and we can put photos on shopping bags, and we do passport photography. We can create enlargements up to 30inches by 24inches, depending on the quality of the original photo.”

Editor’s note: We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by erroneously featuring the business as up for sale in last week’s Wisbech Standard.