Labour must start thinking about the working class to win Fenland voters back from UKIP

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is the only party leader who talks positively about the working class.

All other party leaders either say that the working class no longer exists, or that it consists solely of benefit claimants.

It is therefore a pity that Labour leader Ed Miliband never speaks of the working class. No wonder Ed’s poll ratings are abysmally low.

If Ed wants to win back the thousands of working class people in Fenland who have been taken in by UKIP’s anti-establishment rhetoric, he should come up with some answers to the problems faced by working class people locally.

For example, Ed should commit Labour to raising the minimum wage to £10 an hour without exemptions, the abolition of employment agencies, the banning of zero-hours contracts, a guaranteed 35-hour week, trade union control overhiring and firing, an end to benefit sanctions, a council house-building programme and a guaranteed job for all young people.


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