Labour re-launch a branch for March, Chatteris and Whittlesey

March Labour Party revival.

March Labour Party revival. - Credit: Archant

Labour has relaunched its branch in March with members taking to the town’s Market Place to canvass for new members.

March Labour Party revival. Simon and Janet Harriman

March Labour Party revival. Simon and Janet Harriman - Credit: Archant

A husband and wife team are the newly-elected chairman and secretary of the revived March, Chatteris and Whittlesey branch and they believe Labour can get Fenland people’s voices heard in Westminster.

Simon Harriman, a former merchant seaman and his wife Janet, a council support worker are among the new and returning members, who have helped double the size of North-East Cambs constituency Labour Party since 2014.

Janet said: “We know that March used to be a strong Labour town where party members for one reason or other drifted away – we were the same, we both joined Labour 30 years ago.

“But there’s a new mood in the party now. It’s inclusive and as far from the top-down policies of other parties as you can get. It’s also a broad church that embraces different views and welcomes debate.

“We’ll be holding meetings each month for party members and supporters but we want to hear everybody’s views, not just those of people within the party. We’d like to get debate going to for example put the case for staying in Europe.”

Members of the new branch were in March Marketplace on Saturday canvassing with other Fenland supporters of the party’s campaign to remain in the EU - ‘Labour In for Britain’ - launched by former Home Secretary Alan Johnson last week.