American airmen save two motorcyclists near Lakenheath base

RAF Lakenheath

Master Sgt. Kevin Green at memorial park at Royal Air Force, Lakenheath - Credit: RAF Lakenheath

Two hero American airmen based at RAF Lakenheath came to the rescue of two motorcyclists after accidents near the base.

On June 26, Master Sgt. Kevin Green, 48th Security Forces Squadron section chief of operations, saw a bike on fire after a collision and ran to help.

He found rider in a nearby ditch, having suffered a serious injury to his leg.

Mr Green put a tourniquet above the motorcyclist's knee and loosened his helmet straps to help with breathing. 

Emergency services arrived 30 minutes later, with Mr Green having prolonged the rider's life long enough to allow them to arrive. 

“Being Security Forces, we go through so many different training iterations and years of experience doing high-risk scenarios, you sort of become accustomed to it,” said Mr Green.

The second was a crash on July 5. Senior Airman Adam Bailey, 48th Component Maintenance Squadron fuel systems journeyman, was driving near RAF Lakenheath when he saw the accident. He pulled over to give the riders assistance and to force other cars to give them room. 

RAF Lakenheath

Senior Airman Adam Bailey and Ruth Hounsome - Credit: RAF Lakenheath

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Ruth Hounsome, the motorcyclist, broke her wrist, injured her hip, and got her leg stuck under the bike.

Mr Bailey calmed Ms Hounsome, freed her leg, secured her wrist, and drove her and her friend to hospital in Bury St Edmunds.

Ms Hounsome said: “Adam was very calm and caring even when I was concerned about getting blood on his seats, he wasn’t bothered in the slightest.”

Mr Bailey also credits his response to his medical experience and training, being able to remain calm and aid the riders. 

Both Airmen said they felt they needed to help because they had the ability to do so, with Mr Bailey saying: “It just clicked and I thought, ‘I have to go and make sure they get to where they need to.'”

Mr Green agreed it was the right thing to do, adding: “This is why we all raise our hand and enlist in the first place.

"I wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night had I known that I could’ve done something and didn’t.”

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