Laws of supply and demand economics apply for Wisbech shops selling alcohol - and will close non-profitable ones

I WAS interested in Victoria Gillick’s attack on Jonathan Farmer’s views on alcohol suppliers in Wisbech.

As a Conservative I would imagine he supports a free market approach to economics, be that in selling food, clothes or, in this case, alcohol.

If Mrs Gillick’s numbers are accurate, and I wouldn’t doubt them, then eventually the simple laws of supply and demand economics will come in to play and those businesses that aren’t profitable will close (as has happened to the No 10 tea room recently).

It would be naïve to think that excessive consumption of alcohol doesn’t lead to crime and anti-social behaviour.

The small minority of alcohol consumers who fall into this category need to be dealt with by police and the courts and dealt with in a manner that would lead to the perpetrators not wishing to re-offend and send out a warning to others that this behaviour will not be tolerated in our town.

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Most people who enjoy a drink do so responsibly and without causing a nuisance to others and as such shouldn’t be 1) grouped with the anti-social minority and 2) should have a choice of where to purchase their drink, at a source that caters to their taste and their purse.


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