Let’s agree to make this a robust election – but keep the personal attacks out of it

Brace yourself, for on the evidence thus far the forthcoming local elections will be the most hateful and bile ridden yet fuelled by social media already awash with smear driven, disdainful and personal attacks.

Already we learn of one prominent Fenland politician so distressed by the constant and vitriolic social media attacks that the matter was referred to Cambridgeshire police.

Elsewhere the venom has continued unabated, and in the main left unchecked, across a number of Facebook accounts with the result that the reaction of anyone viewing them for the first time must surely be of abhorrence and amazement.

It is little wonder so many are so reluctant to offer themselves up as candidates if the outcome, once they begin campaigning or indeed once they become elected, is to be on the receiving end of such unnecessary and ill considered abuse.

What’s required to stem this flood, before it becomes unstoppable, is for those of any party or of no party to acknowledge, they will be no part of it.

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