Let’s hope agencies continue campaign against gangmasters operating illegally

Can we clarify your article in which you stated Robert Divkovic has been cleared by police.

You cannot be cleared by police – only by a court of law.

The fact remains Mr Divkovic was running a company that was operating illegally and it is fair to assume Mr Divkovic was either ignorant of how his company was run or complicit in the illegal activities.

Mr Divkovic expresses his concern about his children being in the house when police came to arrest him.

Perhaps he should show some concern for children whose parents lived in poverty because of the company’s failure to pay a legal wage, who were exposed to danger because of inadequate safety equipment, or put at risk in unsafe vehicles driven by drunk drivers.

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Can we also assume that his children continue to live in the same house provided by his earnings from the company?

And that they have not had the same level of upheaval and disruption suffered by the 200 people who required help from Fenland District Council and The Salvation Army when the company was forced to close?

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Mrs Divkovic stated that ‘she does not care about possessions’.

Perhaps she could clarify exactly what possessions she has lost.

If she is referring to the closure of the business, you can claim the closure of an illegally operating business a loss no more than a burglar could claim loss of earnings because police stopped him breaking into houses.

Finally, Mr Divkovic has been declared a ‘not fit and proper person’ by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority. The Authority was set up in the wake of the Morecambe Bay disaster when 23 workers died because of the illegal activities of a gangmaster and does not take its duties lightly.

Let us hope that agencies with the power to fine and reclaim underpayments to workers, or strike off directors, or indeed investigate and prosecute, use their powers to protect the public.


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