Let’s play fair in the build-up to the elections

With no opening ceremony to the up-coming election, I wish to kick off with this letter to those who express the opinion that UKIP is racist without evidence to this accusation.

We constantly hear and read of statements, from politicians and others, who fear the rise and progress of UKIP, spouting accusations of racism.

They never use the word “racist” but they imply it and deliberately plant the seed. When asked to prove racism on the part of UKIP they can not do so.

So let’s start with being truthful.

I would also like to ask Lib Dem members: why have you kept Clegg in post when it is patently clear that Clegg is the reason you will be wiped out come the election?

You may also want to watch:

You are finished. If I was a Lib Dem member I would be proposing that Clegg is booted out at every meeting.

You have hard-working councillors and members, many have served years of commitment to the Lib Dem party and local communities.

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I am amazed you have not dumped Clegg, however I do admire the people for paying him back for his big lie on tuition fees.

Unfortunately Clegg will go to the House of Lords while grassroot Lib Dems will be forgotten.



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