Let’s try to get a record number of objections sent to Fenland Council over Whittlesey Showfields plan

Enough already! Another proposal for a large scale housing development in Whittlesey.

To be built on a floodplain, where similar applications have been rejected twice already!

Fenland District Council has yet to decide the outcome – so the good news is that you can help stop this.

Join the democratic protest by writing your objection letter, stating your concerns.

Post this to Graham Nourse, Head of Planning, Fenland District Council, Fenland Hall, County Road, March. PE15 8NQ, quoting planning reference F/YR15/0134/O.

All letters are acknowledged and comments are noted, so it is definitely worth making the effort.

Let’s see if we can get a record number to object, giving Fenland Council the clear message to reject this.

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Via e-mail

One has to admire the guile of those who want to build 220 houses on the flood plain that is the Showfields in Whittlesey.

They “threaten” to turn the land into arable farm land if their plans are refused.

In one stroke: convincing people that the development will be refused – so no need to object, while at the same time making them think they will lose an amenity to farmland (instead of houses)!

All done to stop people objecting to an unwanted development.

But it is not too late – people can still object to Fenland District Council planning department by post or online, quoting reference F/YR15/0134/O.


Via e-mail