LETTER: All predictions on EU are ‘extreme’ and ‘intended to confuse’

The letters in the papers about the referendum illustrate the confusion that exists on the subject.

The truth is that nobody knows what will happen if we leave the EU. People are concerned about immigration and our sovereignty. If we vote exit, our exports to Europe (about half of all our exports) will have a tariff applied making them more expensive and less competitive.

We know, because they have said so, that to have free trade with Europe we would have to contribute to EU funds and accept free movement of people and the President of the USA, no less, has told us that it is unlikely that any other international trade agreements could be set up anytime soon.

How badly all that would affect our economy is anyone’s guess but it doesn’t bode well for employment, especially when multi nationals are deciding on where to make future investments.

On the other hand Remain would have us believe that, by staying in, we would be able to retain our sovereignty. Europe appears set on ever closer political union.

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Mr Cameron claims to have negotiated our right to opt out of any further moves to political union. One wonders how realistic that is, what sort of relationship would be possible for us with a United States of Europe?

So your choice is OUT for sovereignty or IN for the economy but how bad it will be for us which ever way we vote is just anyone’s guess.

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All the predictions being made by both sides are extreme and intended to confuse and frighten you into voting their way.

Lastly, illegal immigration, probably the major cause of people’s concern, will continue to be a problem which ever way we vote.



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