LETTER: ‘All that we share within the EU will be lost if we are outside’

There has been much speculation about the after affects if we vote in the referendum to leave the EU.

A great variety of predictions has been offered but all anticipate a result favouring their own side. If we vote to remain, we know already how the EU operates and our position within it but if we exit, the results are uncertain. The arguments voiced within the UK make it clear that the UK is not alone in seeking reforms.

If you are in the garden, you can help choose what plants you want and identify the weeds to be discarded. What will our influence be, looking from outside, over the garden wall?

If Brexit wins the day, we lose the right to take part in EU policy making; our former allies will carry on without us and our voice will not be heard. The EU will not cease to exist but our position will rely entirely on goodwill, unlikely to be helped by ill judged remarks about Hitler and Napoleon. France has been very helpful in allowing British passport control to operate on their side of the Channel.

We remain, of course, members of NATO but much that we currently share within the EU will be lost if we are outside, and who knows what extra paperwork would be required for our traders?

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