LETTER: Apology is not really enough

I thought that I would give an update on my letter from two months ago, about pensioner Maureen Saxby, who was disgracefully left without gas for heating and water during one of the year’s coldest weeks.

She was so happy to receive a personal note of apology from Lauren at British Gas, a massive bunch of flowers, and the promise of “about £100 off gas bills in the coming year.”

But does this - although well apreciated - small figure, really compensate for the worry and stress of Miss Saxby and her family?

Personally, I do not think that £100 of ‘free gas’ is enough - Maureen deserves more - maybe she should receive a cash goodwill gesture as well, (I will attempt to secure this for her), but as for National Grid, the company that actually capped Maureen’s gas supply, and did nothing to offer support, help or respite, they are now the ‘National Disgrace’.

To leave a vulnerable, 86 year old, widow with no heating, in the cold, is a disgrace, and again, I shall look into National Grid compensating Maureen for her and her family’s torment.

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