LETTER: Appalled by the national papers

I was appalled when I saw the stark headlines on four national newspapers condemning the decision of the high court judges.

This is the only decision that they could make, otherwise it would have created a precedent for every government of the day to use the Royal prerogative to bypass parliament to push through something they felt Parliament as a whole would not have approved.

I can understand their disquiet for they have worked hard and long to educate members of the public of how bad the European Union is and how much better we as a nation would be if we cut ourselves off from our European neighbours.

In that, they won a victory, as 51.9 per cent of those who voted, who believed their rhetoric and voted to Leave.

David Cameron who called the referendum went on the record saying, if the people voted to Leave, I would be the best person to lead us out. As soon as the result was declared he was very quick to resign his leadership, as I believe he knew then, what chaos the vote had put our country in.

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There is no easy and quick way out. Theresa May took over, she accepted the result and told us Brexit means Brexit and appointed three Brexiteers to find a way out.

It appears that when they will have come up with a plan, with the help of special people drafted in at £5,000 a day, the Prime Minister would then trigger the start of leaving the EU at the end of March 2017. There are many companies and banks extremely worried what this will mean for them because they are all tied up with Europe and want to know our approach to exit.

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Politicians as well from all parties, elected to office by their constituents, want to know what is planned and even to have their input in what is going to be the greatest change in the life of our country in our lifetime.

This was going to be triggered without a vote by Parliament, by a Prime Minster elected to her high office by 199 votes.

So it is only right that Parliament should be consulted and told.

I believe in free speech but those four newspapers are a disgrace to the country I love. This was nothing short of deliberately inciting hatred among the public who voted to Leave against all others. Especially those of our fellow Europeans who used their right to come and work among us and who have helped our economy by doing so.

They are now uncertain of their future, have not been given the full assurance they are welcome to stay, and have suffered hate crime against them.

The Prime Minister needs to show some steel and condemn those four newspapers for the damage they have caused, the hatred they have stirred up and their personal attack on the High Court Judges, including one of their sexuality.

Any individuals doing the same thing would be prosecuted.


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