LETTER: Award for pilot Jim Hocking means an injustice is being put right

It is great news that pilot Jim Hocking is finally being recognised for his bravery in saving the town of March during the second world war.

During the 1980s we realised there had been an injustice done because his selfless act of steering his plane away from the town before it crashed into a field had gone unrecognised.

We always assumed his bravery had been recognised, but while we were organising the Jim Hocking memorial this injustice came to light.

His fellow crew members, who parachuted to safety while Jim Hocking remained on-board, all recommended him for an award during their debriefing, but it never happened.

After the war there was a time limit on putting forward people for awards and unfortunately Jim Hocking therefore missed out.

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Fenland District Council’s chief executive Ernie Thompson tried during the 1980s to get him the recognition he deserved and wrote to the Ministry of Defence and others, but without success.

So it is fantastic that the Australians are now putting right this injustice, it is long overdue.

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Brian Krill


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